Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Someone Special

I would like to thank you to my friends especially Alfath, Indika, Timo, Azmy and also Reivan. Well I would like to thank you about the memories and experience I got when we’re together. We’re always help each other when some of us are struggling or having a bad time like when Indika broke Alfath lcd’s tablet, well that was one experience. What I like is that they’re always there each time I have a problem or a hard time, even though sometimes not but it’s fine. What I like is that they always allow me to have some of their food.

I’m very grateful and lucky to have such friends like you guys. Thanks.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

What did You do During Holiday?

My Holiday

Hey guys so now i'm gonna tell you about my holiday

So on 23 december of 2016 i got my first semester report card, so the holiday was from 24 december 2016 until 9 January 2017, well my report card was not that good and not that bad so it wasn't bad and luckily I didn't get SP or Kontru because if got one I wouldn't have a holiday. So after I got my report card I instantly go to Jakarta to my family, I spent all my holiday in Jakarta, well the first day of holiday I didn't go anywhere because I was tired so i'm just gonna go to places the next day.

On 25 december i go to puncak with family to have a vacation because on the 2rd January of 2016 i need to remove my tonsils (amandel) because it was pretty bad so let's talk about it later. On puncak at first we want to hike the mountain I forgot it's name but there was traffic jam bad, very bad even the cars move a little bit by bit so because of the traffic we decided to eat first at a restaurant named Shinta Satay well the food is very delicious, while we take a rest and pray we think where will we go until we decided just to go to an amusement park called Matahari Park. At there were so many things to do like rafting or riding a trail motorcycle and many other things. At that time i really want try kayak and the trail motorcycle so i just ride those two from all other things. then we stayed there pretty  long before going home at 5pm but because of the traffic again i got home at 8pm and after i got home i went straight to bed.

The next day because i was still pretty tired i just stayed at home until 2pm then i go to Pacific Place mall to watch the new star wars movie at 4pm, the movie was very good and fun even though my mom didn't understand it and we just stayed there until 9pm then i go to my father work's place to pick-up my father.

Well for 27-28 december 2016 it was pretty boring because i didn't go anywhere maybe just the mall or at a cafe just to kill time or sometimes just stayed at home watch some movies, but on the 29 december it was a fun day because i went to bounce street jakarta and played there with my family for the whole day but i didn't take a picture because my handphone battery died so i just played there for the whole day

on the last day of 2016 i got no idea where to celebrate the new years eve, then my father ask me to celebrate it with my father at telkomsel it was very fun and i went home at 2am in the morning. now i already said i will have a tonsil operation at 2 January 2017 well it didn't go that well the operation so i was treated in the hospital pretty long a week or so.

I got out from the hospital at 8 January 2017 but because my condition was in pretty bad shape the doctor told me not to go to school for a week, so that's why i didn't go to school for a week. So my tonsil was sewn in the inside so for a week i need to eat soft food like porridge and other things. It was pretty bad so in the end i finally go to school at 16 of January 2017.

Thank You!

Selasa, 01 November 2016

Razi Ashary And Alfath Fachrezy

      Ridwan Kamil Biography : The Changes in Bandung

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

By Traditional

A boy called Peter lived with his parents in a village on the hillside. His parents, like most of the other people in the village, were sheep farmers. Everybody in the village took turns to look after the sheep, and when Peter was 10 years old, he was considered old enough to take his turn at shepherding.

But Peter was too easily bored, and he found it very tiresome being on the hillside with only sheep for company. So he’d find ways to amuse himself, running up rocks, climbing trees, chasing sheep, but nothing really kept him amused for very long. Then he hit upon a brilliant idea. He climbed to the top of the tallest tree, and started shouting towards the village: “Wolf! Wolf! Wooolf! Woohoolf!”

One of the villagers heard him, and got all the other men together, and armed with axes, hoes and forks, they ran out of the village to chase away the wolf and save their herd. Of course when they got there, they merely found Peter perched high up in his tree, laughing, and the sheep grazing peacefully. They were very annoyed with him. That night Peter got a spanking from his mother and was sent to bed without any supper.

For a while life went on again as normal, and people forgot about the incident. Peter managed to behave himself whenever it was his turn to mind the sheep. Until one day, he got really bored again. He picked up some sticks, and running through where the sheep were grazing, he started hitting the sticks together, and shouting: “Wolf! Wolf! Wooolf! Woohoolf! Woohoohoooolf!”

Sure enough, somebody in the village heard and before long the men all come running up the hill armed with their sticks and axes and hoes and shovels, ready to chase away the big bad wolf, and save their sheep and the poor shepherd boy. Imagine their consternation when they arrived in the field to see their herd grazing peacefully, and Peter sitting on a big rock, laughing uncontrollably.

That night Peter got a good telling off, an even better spanking from his mother, and was again sent to bed without any supper. For a few days people in the village went around moaning about Peter and his tricks, but before long things settled down again, and life resumed its normal uneventful course, and Peter had to do his turn at shepherding again every now and then. He decided he should behave himself, he really didn’t want to upset everybody all the time, and he especially didn’t want another one of his mother’s spankings!

Then, one afternoon when Peter was in the fields with the sheep, he noticed some of them were getting nervous, they started bleating and running hither and thither. Peter didn’t know what was the cause of this strange behaviour, sheep were running all over and making an ever louder racket. He got worried and decided to climb a tree so he could see what was going on. He balanced on a sturdy branch and looked around, what he saw almost made him fall out of the tree. There was a great big hairy wolf, chasing the sheep, biting at their legs, snapping at their tails. For a few seconds Peter was speechless. Then he started shouting: “Woolf! Woolof! Woohoohooloof!”

In the village an old man heard the shouting. “Oh no, not that Peter again”, he said, shaking his head. “What’s going on?” enquired another villager. “It’s that Peter again, he just can’t help himself”.

“That boy needs to be the centre of attention all the time”, said another. “Wait till his mother gets a hold of him”, added yet another. Nobody believed that this time there really was a wolf, and nobody got their hoe out, or their axe, or their shovel. All the sticks were left in the sheds and nobody rushed up the hillside. It wasn’t until very much later that afternoon, that the boy sent to take over the shepherding from Peter found dead sheep’s bodies strewn all over the hillside, and Peter still up there in his tree, whimpering, that the villagers found out there really had been a wolf this time.

At last Peter learnt his lesson, that if you always tell lies, people will eventually stop believing you; and then when you’re telling the truth for a change, when you really need them to believe you, they won’t.


1.So he’d find ways to amuse himself, what is the synonym of the bold text?
    A. Sadness
    B. Gloomy
    C. Entertain
    D. Feeling down
    E. Laughing Happily

2. These are ways that Peter do to amuse himself, except...
    A. Playing guitar
    B. Chasing sheep
    C. Climbing Trees
    D. Running up wolf
    E. Shout wolf to the villagers

3. Why was the men in the village gathered around and quickly ran to the herd?
    A. A sheep died
    B. There was a bandit
    C. The herd fleed away
    D. The sheep started running ruckusly
    E. Peter started hitting the sticks together, and shout wolf

4. What made the sheep start running nervously and bleating around?
    A. The villagers
    B. Peter himself
    C. Peter's mother
    D. A real wolf showed up
    E. The weapons that the villagers brought

5. What lesson did peter learn from his experience?
    A. Don't shout wolf to the villagers
    B. Run if you see a wolf to save your live
    C. Don't tell truth because people won't believe you
    D. Don't tell lies because people won't believe you 
    E. Always be the centre of attention

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

Place you want to visit

Parangtritis Beach
Parangtritis is a popular tourist beach and village area on the southern coast of Java in the Bantul Regency within the province of the Yogyakarta Special Region. There is a good road to the area which is about 30 km south of the city of Yogyakarta, located just on the border between Bantul and Gunung Kidul regencies.

It’s a very common place to visit if you are in Yogyakarta well it’s because it is a very beautiful place especially when it’s sunrise or sunset, Well it’s so beautiful when you see it with your own eyes not from the picture why? Because you’ll get a feeling that you can’t get from looking at the picture itself.

 So when you first enter the beach you see a big sign that says “ Pantai Parangtritis” that’s an iconic place for  you to take a picture, well usually the tourist did that. Then you go in the beach you’ll see the view so beautiful such as clear skies and clear waters. At the beach you can swim or either just sit down and relax, but that’s not all there are many fun things to do not just swim and surf, such as riding an ATV or parasailing or like ride a horse or maybe us Indonesians know it as “delman”. But be careful because the sand in this beach so slippery and pretty deep, so it’s gonna be a little hard when you ride an ATV and don’t go into the water when you ride one. And don’t forget the culinary it’s so delicious such as crabs, shells and other seafood foods.

Maybe it is such a beautiful place and iconic photoshoot place but every place has it legends, mysteries, or horror stories. Well this beach have a legend or maybe a myth. Parangtritis is a place that said you can meet the legendary “Nyi Roro Kidul” or the queen of the south.
 Local people warns visitors not to wear green clothes or the queen is likely to try to make  the person who wears it drown into the ocean. Even though i say we can swim at parangtritis but at reality, the beach is not really a good swimming beach. Drownings are sometimes happened at Parangtritis, usually because many Indonesians have never had the opportunity to learn to swim and the strong waves. Now to if there’s a legend there’s also a ceremony that usually helds once a year for “Nyi Roro Kidul”, for this ceremony everyone who’s gonna do it needs to wear green clothes because the legend says the queen of the south always wear green clothes. Well that’s all, see you!

Selasa, 27 September 2016

Unforgettable Moment

When I Go Umrah
         It all started when i was in sixth grade of elementary school in Jakarta City before the national exam or usually kniown as UN started me and my family go to mecca. The Islamic trip to mecca it's called umrah, now there are two kinds that is haji and umrah, for haji you need to be at least an adult in islam terms but for umrah there are no minimum age or you need to be an adult first so you can go to umrah at any age. Umrah take at least a week or more, usually it takes 10 days so i need to skip school for a week. I went to mecca as i remember it's monday at 5 Am. around 6 am i arrive at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport just an hour before the departure. 

       While i wait for the departure me and my mom go take a walk or you can say sightseeing well even though i buy some food like rice and bread and meat until i'm finally full. It's finally the time for departure i was very anxious and scared because it's my first time ride a plane so two experience the same time, you're asking what's the second experience it's the first time i ever go to another country, exciting right? well it was one experience. Alhamdulillah the take off was safe when it's on the air at first i feel so scared of falling but as time goes i feel more and more bettter, the flight takes about 8 hours.

         Finally i arrived at madinah first i was feeling so happy to go out of Indonesia for the very first time. The first time we do is to take a bus to the hotel in Mecca. Now it's another struggle to go to the hotel because it's pretty far from the airport and take around 6 hours. Finally after many hours feeling tired in the bus me and my family finally reached the hotel and when i first arrive at the hotel because i was tired so i instantly go to bed and sleep. At the morning i woke up and pray subuh at Masjidil Haram, when i arrive there it's not so beautiful like now still simple but the feeling there it's so relaxaxing and calm. Prayer subuh done we all not instantly go back to hotel but stay in the mosque a little bit longer until around 6 am just to feel the moment and feeling. Then we go out to search breakfast we eat chicken that sauce was mecca special sauce that can only be found in mecca, the chicken was so gooood even until now i still remember the taste. then on noon all of us do tawaf that is go around the ka'bah 7 times. It was very very crowded and very very hot i was so tired but the same time i feel happy too. Time pass and now it's dzuhur already so we pray dzuhur at masjidil haram again. Then we go out around 2 am to go search for food again, this time we try cane bread. usually people eat the bread with goat meat in kari soup. we spent the rest of the days shopping around there and praying

       The next day not tawaf this time but sa'i, what is sa'i? it's an activity you do at umrah to walk between shafa and marwah hills around 7 times. At first i feel so excited until the 4th or 5th time i walk i feel so tired then my father take me to a gallon that was filled with zamzam water, i drink it and "wudhu" with the water, around 5 minutes later i suddenly full of energy again and feeling so excited so i continue the walk until i finished it. after that i do tahallul that is cut some hair to complete the umrah. The umrah was finished but the trip wasn't finished before we go to jeddah 2 days later we stayed in mecca first to buy some souvenir and others thing. Like try the culinary in there or another.

       The next day at mecca we pray like usual and after that we go to the hotel and stayed in there for until noon. Then we go out to try the food like the chicken i first said that was soo good and other menu but i can't seem to remember it even though i remember it all tastes so good and then while me and my family walk around sightseeing i see a flock of bird's, pigeon bird's. I wanted to go there and feed them so badly until i buy the bird food and when i feed them i will never forget that because the bird's most of them gather around me and take the food in my hand, i feel so excited and happy and scared at the same time. Then we go to Jeddah

      Finally we arrive at Jeddah, at there the hotel was so beautiful just like Jeddah itself so beautiful. We take a walk and sightseeing at Jeddah to buy some things and try the culinary in there, i buy a watch in there it was so cool, i still have it until now even though it doesn't fit in my hands anymore, i still keep it because it was full of memory that i didn't want to throw away. we stayed at Jeddah for around one and a half days just to wait to go back to Indonesia. The time finally came to go back to Indonesia this time i'm not so scared at first riding the plane like the first time. Alhamdullilah the trip was safe and we all go back to Indonesia safely. It was one experience, well that's all. See you!


Selasa, 20 September 2016

Megantara Festival

My Experience

Hello friends! Today I’m gonna tell you about my megantara experience, before we get started what is megantara? Maybe some of you atre asking that , well it’s 3 Bandung Senior Highschool culture festival at 10th september 2016 that take place in bali field on Bali.St . I was committee that take cares of the food or more exactly known as foodfest comitte division. Well like I said because I’m a committee that means I must came to bali field at 6 am even though the event start at 11.30 am, why do I need to go to the place so eaely in the morning? Because I need to take care the food that I was taking care of. The food that I was taking care of is pempek it’s an Indonesian traditional food that was owned by miss reka. At around 7 am she came with the other workers to load the things that gonna be used at the festival. Well the loading finished around 8 am. Well until the event is started and the gate is opened all of the comitte take care any others thing even if it’s not their divison assignment. I helped the decoration divison to put the decoration in the place, I helped until the gate was opened around 11.30 am. The event started peacefully for us foodfest divison until around 1 am that 2 stand that stands next to each other have the exactly same menu that is fried rice. Now this is a real deal, I don’t want to say the names of the stand right so let’s just say stand 1 and stand 2. The right one is stand 1 and the wrong one is stand 2 but stand 2 insisted that they are the right one. How did this happen? Well it was a miscommunication to the stand 2, they said that their menu will not be fried rice buttt when the event started he lied, he put the fried rice in the menu. That problem haven’t even finished another problem showed up, that pempek wants to move it’s stand because that was no buyer. But we can’t do that because pempek have it’s own field and the other to have their own field so we can’t but she still insist to move. Well a decision need to be made, in order to do that we need to discuss this first so all of us gathered at bangsal to discuss this thing. Well in the end a decision finally been made that pempek just simply can’t move the stand and we try to say it to the owner as polite as possible and hoping that around 5 or 6 pm that many people will come to the event and they will have many costumer. About fried rice the problem finally finished with a conclusion reached that the stand 2 will change their menu. It’s just a matter about time to wait how it all gonna go. Well eventually around 6 pm just like we said before the guest star came in many people started ti came and many people started to buy pempek. From that it all went smooth, no more problem just enjoy the show and the artist. I like changchuters the most because their performance was fun and not boring it was very fun, after changchuters play next one is RAN, RAN too is nice just that their style is jazz love and romantic well how to say it I’m still single he. After the guest stars the event finished and before I go home all commite must gather at bangsal to evaluate the event. Well in the end it was a succes and all went good and smooth. And finally I go home at 11.30 pm feeling fun but very tired.